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Great People Make this Possible

Our foundation is shepherded by an experienced board of directors, instructed by talented local PGA Professionals, and lead by a talented crew of camp staffers.

Our Mission

Our founders believed, as we all still do, that golf is more than just a game. If taught and played correctly, many of the skills you need to be successful in life can be learned through golf—honesty, integrity, sportsmanship, just to name a few. These lessons are learned not just in a classroom or by someone telling you that they matter, but are learned on the course by playing the game.


Golf has long been seen as a sport for elitists with a high barrier for entry—we strive to break down that barrier. St. Louis City youth are underserved in many ways, including access to the game of golf. So, we hold our camp in the heart of our city, reducing the commute for our campers. And like any sport, the game of golf grows by attracting the attention of young players, otherwise, the game fades away. That is why our mission is devoted to serving inner-city St. Louis youth. Campers pay no fees to attend, are provided the necessary equipment to participate, and are given a free lunch every day of camp.

We are zealous about the great game of golf and are passionate about contributing to the youth of Missouri's future. This is what "Giving back through the game" means to us, and this mission guides our team and drives us forward.

"Instill life’s lessons and values in St. Louis City youth through the game of golf"

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