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Frequently Asked Questions

Our golf camp is more than a fun summer activity for kids, but impacts city youth who otherwise may have never touched a golf club. We bring together a diverse group of kids from across St. Louis City and County, breaking down social and economic stereotypes through one common activity, the beautiful game of golf. Kids are introduced to the game, taught by professional PGA instructors and fed a nutritious meal every day of camp at no cost to them or their families.

Learn and play the game of golf in the heart of St. Louis City

Camp Stations

Arguably the most fun station for campers—this is where the kids learn to hit the long ball. Each camper receives hands-on instruction from Gateway PGA Professionals while they learn to hit full shots and improve their swing.

Driving Range

The short range station is where campers go to learn how to hit pitch shots. They get to practice their iron game and occasionally play holes on temporary greens.

Short Range

Here, our campers learn to chip and putt through fun games and friendly competitions. This is one of the most satisfying stations for campers—nothing is better than watching the smooth roll of your putt and sound of the golf ball hitting the bottom of the cup. 

Putting Green

As their skills progress, the golf course is where all of our campers strive to go. Once campers have advanced to a place where they can consistently hit golf shots, they advance to the course where they learn to put their skills to use. They first play holes in a scramble format and then by playing their own ball. A camp staffer works with the kids along the way and receive Gateway PGA Professional instruction.

Golf Course

In this station, a licensed educator teaches campers the rules of golf, basic strategy, and golf etiquette. All are used as analogies to help teach valuable life skills that kids take with them beyond the course.

Life's Opportunities Session

Possibly the camper's favorite station each day—lunch time allows campers from a variety of backgrounds to socialize and make new friends.  As many children go without a warm lunch during the summer, it is a cornerstone to our mission that a hot, nutritious meal is provided free to each camper.


Support a Golfer

Our golf camps are made possible by generous donors. Through your support, we can continue to put on excellent golf programs for underprivileged youth and expand our reach throughout Missouri.

Registration is currently open through our community partners. See how to register in our FAQ and join our email list to be notified when registration will go live.


Need more info? We are happy to chat. Reach out and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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